Date: 11th June 2019 at 6:43pm
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The extravagance of BBC Scotland seems to be matched only by their arrogance.

Yesterday it was announced that the free licence for people over 75 will be binned denying many pensioners of one of the few luxuries in their life.

When those over 75’s were in their prime the state broadcaster would provide them with The Open Golf, live Scottish football, European Cup and UEFA Cup football (Celtic’s run to Seville was on the BBC), horse racing and many other events. Now they get the scraps and leftovers with only Wimbledon still on ‘council telly’/

For low demand events the BBC excel, while Scottish viewers wait until Sunday evening for a look at domestic football matches they can watch every kick of the ball at the Women’s World Cup Final’s in France. Anyone wanting to watch the male team against Cyprus or Belgium will need to pay to watch elsewhere.

And what do you get for your licence fee?

As well as Thompson, BBC Scotland have a plane full of experts out in France providing round the clock coverage including regular insights into the wacky world of Thommo.

The decision to charge people over 75 for a TV licence has brought about something of a backlash, already few folk under 30 will consider taking out a licence since they subscribe to streaming services elsewhere.

With signals now delivered digitally there is no need for TV vans going down the street trying to detect signals from homes without a licence.

According to those inside the BBC they stand for excellence in broadcasting. By binning the licence for all the BBC can set up their own subscription service, free everyone from their £13/month tax and create a level playing field for all forms of media.