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Couple disciplined over ‘Ticileaks’ rush to tell their story to the Daily Record!

Image for Couple disciplined over ‘Ticileaks’ rush to tell their story to the Daily Record!

A mother and son suspected of being involved in the ‘Ticileaks’ have given their side of the story to the Daily Record!

Ten days ago a document titled ‘First Team Recruitment Meeting’ from April 2 appeared online sparking a mass of speculation.

The detail of the document, providing opinion on potential transfers and the status of current players shocked many while the publication of the document raised concern about internal security.

Without going public Celtic made it clear that they considered the leak to be a criminal matter, yesterday the spotlight fell on Maureen Quinn, who has been dismissed from her job as a cleaner and her son Edward who has been suspended from his job in security.

Rather than keep a low profile Maureen has ran to the Record to spill the beans complete with pictures of her inside the Lennoxtown complex!

Maureen told the Glasgow publisher: “It’ a disgrace. I’ve done nothing wrong and I’m getting blamed for whatever this is. I know my son would do nothing wrong either. We’re just scapegoats. I want to clear my name.”

They pulled me in three times for meetings about this. In my job at Lennoxtown, I empty bins and take them to the bin room on a trolley. I think they believe I’ve went through the bins and found this paper, gave it to my son and he’ photographed it.

I support Celtic because my son and husband do but I couldn’t name half their players. I couldn’t care less what’ on a bit of paper.”

Her son Edward added: “About 30 people work at the training centre. Celtic had a club lawyer and head of security question everyone in the building on their own. They got me and my mum back in for second interviews.

They showed me a photo of a hand holding a piece of paper. My boss said, ‘I think they look like your nails’. I showed them my nails, which aren’t as short as those in the photo.

They also referred to me going into the football admin office on the morning of the Final on May 25. I was on shift and have texts to show I was asking people if they had a phone charger. I went in that office looking for one.”

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