Date: 12th June 2019 at 8:07am
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have sacked three staff members suspected of leaking team news after checking through mobile phone records.

has been one of a number of clubs to suffer similar issues with social media regularly providing team news the day before a match.

Players will know a team in advance but some minor members of the coaching staff and people in admin are also likely to have access to team news with documents produced covering tactics and team shape.

How that information becomes public is a complex matter, it’s unlikely that anyone is doing it for financial gain but with an enormous appetite for ITK (in the know) across social media it seems that more and more people are tempted to share confidential details.

The local Argus newspaper reports:

THREE Brighton and Hove Albion staff members have been sacked after it was suspected that team selection information was leaked on social media.

The three ground staff were dismissed after an investigation at the club’s training ground in Lancing.

The alleged leaks took place in the recent Premier League season, in which Albion narrowly escaped relegation. The club finished one place and two points above the relegation zone.

The staff are represented by the GMB Union. A spokesman for the union claimed the investigation into staff included the “seizure of mobile phones” to check what they had been used for as well as “regular surprise interviews”.

Turning to Celtic, inn April The Telegraph reported:

Lennon, though, is on the hunt for the mole who leaks his team ­selections on social media, a habit which had aroused his ire. “I am aware the team does get leaked and I’m really not happy about it,” he said. “Someone is letting us down. I’m not convinced it’s coming from a player.”

Asked why he should not simply delay his selection announcement, Lennon said: “I’d like to, but it’s what the players have been used to so, again, I’m not wanting to change too much too soon.”

Last week a document appeared on line titled ‘First Team Recruitment Meeting’ which detailed information about transfer targets and the status of current first team players.