Date: 15th July 2019 at 6:50am
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Arsenal v-blogger Mr DT has ended up with egg on his face after proclaiming that Kieran Tierney was a done deal by posting a video celebration opening a can of Irn-Bru.

Deluded by the success of a decade of top six finishes and lured into believing that finishing fourth is a reason to celebrate many Arsenal fans have developed a remarkable arrogance for life outside the Sky Sports funded bubble of EPL football.

As news broke on Saturday night from Sky Sports that a second offer of £25m had been made for Tierney Mr DT celebrated with Scotland’s other national drink only to reach for DELETE when reality returned during Sunday,

With their club widely committed to be paying Mesut Ozil £300,000 a week for another two years their continuing decline looks inevitable as Spurs and others overtake them.

At their best Arsenal used to develop players through the ranks such as Tony Adams and Ashley Cole while inspired scouting unearthed players like Thierry Henry to deliver trophies.

Cole decided to cross the city to join Chelsea where he racked up winners medals while Henry moved on to Barcelona after being blown away by Henrik Larsson’s inspired display in the 2006 final of the Champions League.

As they take their dwindling brand to the USA the more immediate concern for the Arsenal board is how to deal with captain Laurent Koscielny who refused to travel with the third best team in London.