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X-Rated: Watch the brutal attack on Jonny Hayes that Collum deemed was only a booking

Image for X-Rated: Watch the brutal attack on Jonny Hayes that Collum deemed was only a booking

Ryan Christie deserved his red card, Celtic deserved a referee that can apply the Laws of the Game.

Early in the first half Marvin Bartley of Livingston booted out at Christie off the ball but with a clear view Willie Collum chose to ‘let the game flow’.

Soon afterwards the Celtic midfielder launched himself into a challenge that he almost instantly regretted. In mid-flow he tried to pull out but his launch at Scott Robinson but the damage was done. It was a red card, straight red, no question.

Throughout the entire game Collum allowed Livingston players to endanger opponents. Every challenge involves a follow through hoping to inflict damage. When the match referee allows you to do as you wish you take advantage. Livingston did.

In the great balancing up act Collum waited till the closing minutes to start booking Livingston players. Ricki Lamie struck Christopher Jullien while the defender was on the ground. Two bookings.

Collum’s worst decision was left until stoppage time. Turning away from goal Jonny Hayes was met by the full force of Keighan Jacobs’ boot as the Livi midfielder launched himself into the air to hurt the Celtic substitute.

For good measure Collum booked Kris Ajer along-with Jacobs. The SFA Compliance Officer might issue a Notice of Complaint, if she does it should be on Collum and not Jacobs.

After John Beaton refused to apply the laws of the game at Ibrox at the end of last year Celtic dusted down and updated their angry statement. The SFA ignored it completely. Every referee in the country knows that mistakes against Celtic don’t carry an repercussions.

Collum, Kevin Clancy and Beaton will be given plenty more Celtic matches knowing that any statement will be ignored as they apply their own interpretation of the Laws of the Game.

CLICK HERE for the Celtic request for Beaton’s decisions to be made public, completely ignored by the SFA.

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