Celtic fans attacked in second Rome pub as media vultures gather

Image for Celtic fans attacked in second Rome pub as media vultures gather

Two Celtic fans were stabbed last night in Rome on the eve of the match against Lazio.

According to mainstream media reports the attack took place in Flann O’Brien’s pub but on twitter a supporter supplied video evidence on an attack on the Baccanale bar.

Celtic’s Supporter Liaison Officer John Paul Taylor was quickly on the scene as a number of news reporters tried to get to the bottom of the story.

Thousands more Celtic supporters will be arriving in Rome today with the club given an allocation of 9,000 tickets for the Stadio Olympico.

Last night’s incidents are bound to increase tensions ahead of tonight’s match with a claims that an additional 1,000 police officers will be present across the city.

Celtic fans will be bussed in an out of the stadium from 2pm today but there are bound to be supporters making their own way to the Stadio Olympico that will be at risk.

Part of the stadium will be closed due to UEFA sanctions after racist actions at the recent match against Rennes but clubs can only be held responsible for incidents that happen inside the stadium.

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