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Sutton reacts as Rodgers flirts with Arsenal

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Nine months after deciding to dedicate his life to Leicester Brendan Rodgers is flirting with the bigger, brighter lights of Arsenal.

Chris Sutton watched the Irishman closely during his 20 months in charge of Celtic and isn’t in the slightest surprised by his interest.

Back in February it seemed that Leicester was the perfect platform for the then Celtic manager, a stable club with some money to spend and a squad of mainly young emerging players.

The immediate results benefiting those who used their matchbook bonus code confirmed those suspicions, despite losing Harry Maguire to Manchester United in the summer this season has gone better than any Leicester fan could have wished for.

When Rodgers left Celtic it looked unlikely that any top jobs would be available any time soon.  Mauricio Pochettino had Spurs on route to a Champions League Final while Unai Emery was settling in impressively at Arsenal, like Poch on route to a European final.

Now it looks like Rodgers jumped too soon. If Spurs and Arsenal get their appointments right it could be a while before another top job attracts his fluttering eye-lashes

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