Date: 14th November 2019 at 7:19am
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The Banter Years received an overnight boost as The Times claimed that there had been an error of ‘upto £50m’ in the way that HMRC calculated The Big Tax Case relating to disguised remuneration paid to employees of the old Rangers club.

The report was quickly picked up on by and the which has taken the tall tale to a much bigger audience with regularly selected for sympathetic Ibrox stories.

It appears that the source of the story was a report from BDO to creditors in which £26m has been reduced from the bill with the possibility that the figure could rise to £50. The figure could also rise to £27m or £150m!

Not much is required to set off the notion that the old club was the cynical victim of a worldwide conspiracy when the facts are that the club brought in players that they couldn’t afford in a bid to stay competitive with Celtic who paid Her Majesty in full and on time while losing trophies and prize money to their former city rivals.

Had got together in the same way as , Livingston, Dundee and organised themselves a CVA could have been put together allowing the club to survive and live within their means.