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Celtic fans can’t believe Lawwell hasn’t seen the Five Way Agreement

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Celtic fans reacted with amazement when Peter Lawwell told their AGM that he had never seen the Five Way Agreement from 2012.

Most of the debate at today’s gathering centred on the issue of a 2011/12 UEFA licence given to the old Rangers club despite having an overdue tax bill. Had the rules been applied Celtic would have taken part in the 2011 Champions League qualifiers.

After the SFA denyied any wrong-doing the evidence from the June 2017 Craig Whyte trial proved beyond all doubt that the tax bill was known about and remained unpaid as the Ibrox club attempted to get into the Champions League group phase to pay back some of their debts.

In September 2017 Stewart Regan agreed to review the issue but in July 2018 the SFA stated that they weren’t capable of rulling on the matter with the Five Way Agreement cited as the reason. Between the lines it seems that clubs from Ibrox have a different set of rules and regulations from other member clubs.

At the AGM today I asked Lawwell if he or anyone from Celtic had been involved in constructing The Five Way Agreement. When he said no I followed that up by asking if he had seen the document.

I wasn’t the only one surprised that he hadn’t seen the Five Way Agreement, I asked if he thought it would be useful to see it which brought another negative reply.

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