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‘Pantomime Queen’ ‘Where has he been the last decade’ Celtic fans slaughter Beattie over bottle claim

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If the purpose of Craig Beattie’s guest appearance on Sky Sports was to stir up interest and controversy it worked a treat. If he was hoping to gain credibility he should perhaps be a bit more selective in the offers that he accepts.

Turning a question around is generally quite a clever policy, it makes people think a little differently but only in the proper context.

When one club has won a particular trophy for eight seasons running, crushing the Warburton Revolution, the Caixinha Revolution and Murty Mania it’s fair to say that they know their stuff, how to get the job done. How to succeed.

With a manager that has won the trophy four times to add to the four that he picked up as a player there’s nothing new for Neil Lennon to prepare for.

In November all sorts of clubs have harboured ambitions of toppling Celtic, last year Hearts and Kilmarnock both arrived at Celtic Park sitting at the top of the table and lost five goals to the Champions elect.

With his playing days winding down somewhere between Edinburgh City and Elgin, Beattie has decided to plunge into the media where the emphasis is on the shock factor rather than insight or analysis.

There is a limit however, credibility plunges when things get just too ridiculous although Charlie Nicholas is an obvious exception.

The invites and the cheques may be flowing Beattie’s way but unless he has something of substance to offer he’ll quickly slide down the ladder as another tired old player tries to make a name for themselves.

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