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‘Something big and bad is going down, better watch out’ Genuine football expert reacts to fiction in The Times

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After the amazement that a once respected publisher should delve back five months for a story and apply the most outrageous top spin the obvious questions to be asked about the fiction in The Times was why, and why now?

The cynics who correctly anticipated the Ibrox accounts being published on a Friday night also expected the state broadcaster, BBC Scotland, to body swerve the issue entirely.

Since the accounts were published, showing a loss of £11.3m for last year with a £10m shortfall expected this year without making plans for Sports Direct, there has been a little dumbing down of the Ibrox message. Managing expectations.

Steven Gerrard revealed that he expected to cut his squad in January but with no interest in Jamie Murphy, Greg Docherty, Eros Grezda and Andy King those players will continue to drain around £50,000 per week off the wage bill.

That statement was followed by a claim that he knew that Alfredo Morelos wouldn’t be sold in January but soon after he explained that it would be a decision for the board but he had expressed his own view on the issue.

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Serious money is required in January to keep the lights on, the signs are that Close Brothers won’t be bailing them out for a third season running. It’s unlikely that there is a major creditor like HMRC agitating in the background for payment but with £1m/month losses every payroll is a strain.

Memorial Walls, a Wi-Fi company and Sports Direct are all pursuing litigation but there could be a left-field action in the pipeline which will explain the reason for The Times attacking HMRC. When the next disaster unfolds on Edmiston Drive the People can turn their anger again on HMRC and bleat that no one warned them of the latest implosion.

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