Celtic pip Manchester United as the most watched team in Europe

Image for Celtic pip Manchester United as the most watched team in Europe

Celtic have brought more fans through the gates to home matches this season than any other club in Europe.

According to one twitter account the hoops have had 1,048,288 supporters pass through the turnstiles since they hosted Sarajevo in a Champions League qualifier in July. That’s just over 30,000 more than have been to Old Trafford this season.

Seven European ties have bolstered Celtic’s attendance figures with the lure of UEFA ties bringing in 360,899 fans so far.

Celtic and Manchester United are the only clubs to have been watched by more than one million supporters, a fair chunk or whom will have raced to get the Matchbook bonus code, with Borussia Dortmund and Barcelona the only other clubs to have had more than 900,000 fans attend home matches.

The Scottish champions are believed to have around 50,000 season ticket holders but those fans have to buy tickets for all matches outside of the SPFL.

In the second half of the season the only guaranteed cup tie is at home to FC Copenhagen on February 27 in the Europa League.

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