Date: 22nd December 2019 at 5:40pm
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Celtic fan media is growing season by season with a wide variety of audio, video and old-fashioned words for to chew over.

No longer is opinion dominated by the thoughts of the , and the phone-in.

Fan media covers an incredible range of opinions but the beauty of it is that everyone has a platform- producer and viewer- with supporters able to pick and chose the outlets that mirror their own views or give them something to think over.

While former players trip over themselves to be fair and balanced, with a few honourable exceptions that are rarely contacted, fan media does what it says on the tin. It gives you the views of fans.

Irish Mick has developed a good following this season, yesterday he took an expensive looking sheep mask to the game and shared his opinions with the passion of being up close to the visiting support.

The joy of going in front, the silence of being pegged back then the thrill of regaining the lead and the anger and abuse of a sending off are all captured with a fans view.

After a few seasons operating outside the ground for some raw post-match opinions Celtic Fans TV have moved up-market with a panel of fans sharing their views with a pint at !

The evolution of fan media is fast paced, 2020 promises more of the same as supporters vote with their clicks in favour of the coverage Celtic Da’ could only have dreamed of.