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All Greek or could there be something in Celtic’s Bouzoukis link

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Celtic have been linked with an interest in Ioannis Bouzoukis.

The forward has broken into the Panathinaikos side this season with Celtic reported to have watched him closely in recent weeks.

Celtic’s scouting network will have all of the main European leagues covered every weekend but there seems to be some detail behind a report emerging from Greece.

Greek site SDNA claims:

The Celts have been keeping a close watch on Buzoukis since the start of this season and are not losing their eyes. Indeed, last month the Scottish team made sure to have their eyes on two games to check on the Greek international.

A Celtic man attended Bouzouki at the National Hope Match against Scotland in Edinburgh on November 15 as part of the European Championship U 21 .

In that match Panathinaikos football played 77 minutes and contributed to the victory (1-0) of our representative team.

During the summer Panathinaikos were linked with taking Lewis Morgan and Mikey Johnston on loan which suggests that there is some sort of contact between the two clubs.

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