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BANTER YEARS EXTRA as Alfredo ‘el Buffalo’ Morelos compilations go viral

Image for BANTER YEARS EXTRA as Alfredo ‘el Buffalo’ Morelos compilations go viral

Already this season Jonny Hayes and Chris Jullien have experienced the joy of scoring in a derby.

That magic moment when the tension valve is released, one group of explode in joy as the other lot fall silent in utter despair, dejection and desolation. Usually the guys with the blue scarves and superiority complex.

For three seasons Alfredo Morelos has wanted to be that hero. He has watched as Josh Windass, Ryan Jack, and even Scotty Arfield have taken the adulation of the Ibrox support after finding the net against Selik.

The thought of scoring against the hoops and running towards the hordes with his face contorted in a cocktail of anger and joy is the dream for the former HJK Helsinki starlet.

Problem is that the harder he tries the more he fails. Confronted by Craig Gordon, Scott Bain or Fraser Forster, Morelos turns into as he tries to burst the net.

With every miss he has the desire to score gets greater, now to an overwhelming level that effects his team-mates.

looked on in despair as his team-mate blasted a shot off the legs of Forster at Hampden, a cut-back would have presented the £7m star with a virtual open goal.

Skipper James Tavernier handed over a penalty kick at Hampden to help his star striker break his duck. It failed.

There was one consolation for the Colombian at Hampden. In a rare act of sportsmanship in the derby Celtic chanted ‘Alfredo, Alfredo’ as their heroes paraded the trophy after the final whistle.

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