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BBC Scotland’s incredible Glasgow Derby ratings

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BBC Scotland have excelled themselves with their player ratings from the Glasgow derby.

There can’t be too many complaints about Borna Barisic picking up the Man of the Match award but the sophisticated player ratings create more questions than answers.

Ten Ibrox players manage to get a rating of 7 or above with Alfredo Morelos just missing out with 6.97.

On the home side Fraser Forster gets the top mark for a Celtic player with a miserable 4.68, down the pecking order Scott Brown picks up 3.76! Ibrox substitute George Edmundson managed to collect 6.25 despite appearing in the third minute of stoppage time.

CLICK HERE for the BBC man by man’s.

No explanation is given as to how the marking are made up but with the benefit of the licence fee the state broadcaster really should do better.

Most newspapers play it safe with every player starting with a 6 out of 10 with a mark or two either way added depending on their performance.

How Brown picked up 2.5 less marks than Edmundson looks like remaining a mystery.

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