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Club 1872 go to war over a re-tweet as their company faces crisis point

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Last month Club 1872 emptied their bank book to donate their last £500,000 into Ibrox with the company announcing at their AGM that a further dilution of shares is needed in January.

No detail was given at the AGM on how the company will fill the £10m black hole in the company accounts for this season. Sports Direct will find out on January 17 how many millions of pounds compensation is due.

Without any warning Dave King is stepping down as chairman leaving the club to fend for itself to stop Celtic adding to TEN successive domestic trophies.

Club 1872 certainly has a lot to deal with- yesterday they issued a horror-struck statement relating to a RETWEET. Someone on the social media desk at FARE, the anti-discrimination charity, retweeted a message from a Celtic fan.

Furious Club 1872 duly told their members:

Club 1872 is extremely concerned about an incident this morning where the official account of Football Against Racism Europe (FARE) retweeted a derogatory tweet from a Celtic fan regarding Rangers Football Club and its supporters.

FARE has now confirmed that one of their employees retweeted the offensive tweet which has subsequently been deleted. They have also issued a statement on Twitter which completely fails to address how and why this happened and is misleading as to the content of the tweet and how long it remained on their Twitter account before they deleted it.

FARE has also not given any indication of what action they are taking to address the ongoing concern that a number of their employees are biased against Rangers Football Club. This incident raises further questions about the impartiality and transparency of the organisation, which UEFA has placed in a very powerful position with regard to supporter behaviour at European games.

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If their members could embrace the 21st century Club 1872 might be able to address the issues threatening the existence of their beloved company.

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