Date: 2nd December 2019 at 7:10pm
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Craig is set to release a book giving the inside story of his Ibrox with the launch scheduled for 14 February 2020- the eighth anniversary of going into .

The former billionaire has an explosive story to tell as his image was given a makeover as Dave Murray desperately tried to find someone to take the club off his hands.

Whyte emerged in November 2010 as the latest potential saviour with the promise of a bright new future after Murray had found his hands tied by as they attempted to recover their losses.

Owning Castle Grant in Moray seemed to be proof of his wealth although it was later discovered that he was behind on mortgage payments for the property.

After drawn out negotiations the price for the club dropped from £30m to £1 with the deal completed to a fanfare in May 2011.

A business plan based on using money to pay off the bills from the previous season came unstuck against Malmo in August 2011 with administration just a matter of timing.

Covering the blurb that accompanies the launch of ‘Into the Bear Pit: The Explosive Autobiography’ Amazon reports:

When Whyte walked through the gates at Ibrox, the club was mired in debt and plagued with a toxic culture which seeped everywhere – from the corridors of power to a hard core in the stands.

The ‘great Whyte hope’ was touted for a time as Rangers’ saviour but he was soon hung out to dry as the fall guy for Rangers’ misery as the unthinkable happened.

The demise of Rangers saw Whyte’s reputation eviscerated on the pages of every newspaper in the country, his name vilified on radio shows, TV programmes and blogs as every aspect of his professional and personal life was picked over.

Full of startling revelations, this is the previously untold story of greed, corruption and scandal at the heart of Rangers F.C., told, definitively, by the man who was at the very centre of the storm.

By the time HMRC rejected a CVA in June 2012 Whyte had left the club although there is still a challenge over the ownership of Ibrox and Murray Park due to a floating charge held on the assets.

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