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Honest Aberdeen star admits ‘Lunges off the ground with studs up should be reds’

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Aberdeen keeper Joe Lewis has provided some sanity in the Sam Cosgrove debate but claimed that it’s a shame about the way that the game is going!

Perhaps in training today Cosgrove can show off his slide tackle technique on Scott McKenna and Ash Taylor and see if they survive to face Livingston on Thursday.

‘He got the ball’ and ‘great tackle’ were the reactions of Derek McInnes and other apologists after the match as they ignored the damage done by the striker’s trailing left foot as he ensured that Ajer wasn’t going to remain standing.

Everyone in the stadium could see the danger being posed to another professional as Cosgrove hit top speed with the Aberdeen skipper providing a more balanced view than his manager.

Speaking to the Daily Record Lewis explained:

I don’t know what contact there was on Ajer so it’s difficult to know whether he made the most of it or was genuinely caught. The club will take a look and see if it’s worth appealing.

It’s disappointing that tackles like that are now straight red cards. Nobody wants to see the game go that way. We don’t want to see players injured. Lunges off the ground with studs up should be reds as you endanger an opponent but it’s a shame the game seems to be going that way.

Players know that if you are tackled and make a meal of it, you maybe can entice the ref into giving a red. I’m not saying that’s what Ajer did but that is the danger of giving straight reds for what used to be good tackles but are now not.”

Cosgrove is automatically suspended for Thursday’s match against Livingston although on Saturday McInnes said that Aberdeen would appeal against the red card.

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