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Serial loser Alfredo picks up another phantom award (if he can score two more goals!)

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The Alfredo Morelos Campaign is a year-round operation with no let up on Christmas Day.

In-between the phantom bids arriving from mystery clubs playing in China, Mexico and Turkey there can be some awkward gaps to keep the former HJK Helsinki starlet in the spotlight ( for residents of Scotland only)

All sort of stats are dredged up to highlight the significance of Morelos the most recent being goals scored in UEFA competitions before Christmas. As everyone knows no trophies are medals are handed out alongside the decorations.

Today readers of the Daily Record and Sun are being comforted by the news that Fredo is two goals short of being in the Top Five European goalscorers of 2019!

Never before has any relevance been given to the top five goalscorers over a calendar year- and never before have goals against part-timers from Gibraltar been counted outside of the rock.

UEFA has published a list of 16 players that have scored more than 30 goals this year with Robert Lewandowski on top with 54- that’s over than a third more than sixth placed Morelos.

Also included in the list is Erik Sorga of Flora and Estonia plus Brondby ace marksman Kamil Wilczek.

Should a list be compiled for teenagers to have picked up cup winners medals this year Celtic duo Karamoko Dembele and Jeremie Frimong are certain to feature.

When it comes to managers Pep Guardiola, Neil Lennon and Jurgen Klopp have each managed three trophy wins during 2019.

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