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Lennon: No gambling culture in Celtic squad

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Neil Lennon has dismissed suggestions that there could be gambling issues in his Celtic squad.

On Monday Brian Rice was charged by the SFA with gambling offences sparking a wave of sympathy for the Hamilton boss and some calls for an amnesty for anyone in football with similar issues.

John Hartson offered to take Rice to Gamblers Anonymous meeting to overcome his problems with the former Celtic striker admitting to his own problems and revealing that he hadn’t placed a bet in five years.

Down the years ‘putting a line on’ has been part of football culture with players as likely to put a bet on as any of the fans watching them.

There has been claims that there will be gamblers in every dressing room in the country but while admitting that he occasionally put a bet on while still playing Lennon has denied the claim that there could be a gambling issue in the Celtic squad.

Yesterday he told Celtic TV

6 minutes

Question) Do you get a sense that it is still a big problem, we’ve heard from former managers and players saying that it goes on in every dressing room in the country

Well I’m not aware of it going on in our dressing room. The players pretty much adhere to the laws, restrictions and the rules. Certainly, none of my staff are involved in any of that. I think that there is scope for betting companies, it can be exciting, it can be a bit of fun but when it gets out of hand then you have to have the self-discipline to stop.

Rice will have a hearing with the SFA later this month.

CLICK HERE for BBC interview with anonymous player claiming that ‘betting in every dressing room is common’.

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