Date: 13th January 2020 at 9:26pm
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Out of nowhere last night broke ranks with an unexpectedly accurate opinion piece on .

For the best part of a month newspaper readers have been fed a steady diet of heart-warming stories relating to the Colombian, it almost seemed as if there was an orchestrated campaign to paint the striker in the most favourable light.

Alongside stories of incredible charity work in his homeland Steven Gerrard and others such as the intellectual heavyweight Kris Boyd were talking up Morelos with no comparison too far-fetched.

The image being portrayed was at complete odds with the snarling, injury feigning player known to Scottish football . Someone always looking to get opponents booked or sent off while leaving his boot in where least wanted. A player that had picked up seven red cards in 17 months and who had escaped at least as many again through kindly Scottish referees.

Bringing some balance to the mainstream Leckie revealed some truths about Morelos- the reaction from has been predictably outraged- how dare anyone share home truths about the only sellable asset in a club that is at least £10m short in seeing out the season.