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Craig Whyte: David Murray believed that HMRC was driven by a Celtic fan!

Image for Craig Whyte: David Murray believed that HMRC was driven by a Celtic fan!

Craig Whyte has revealed that Dave Murray believed that the Big Tax Case was inspired by a Celtic fan!

And that Ibrox fan groups were a bunch of pr***s!

The former billionaire releases his book ‘Into The Bear Pit’ on Friday with a series of extracts coming out ahead of publication.

Whyte called out Murray and the disguised remuneration schemes as cheating every club in Scottish football with well targeted criticism of Ally McCoist and the directors that he took over from in May 2011.

For over a decade Murray had been avoiding the same level of tax payments that Celtic were paying but after a police raid in 2007 uncovered the side letters to players, management and club officials HMRC were on the case

On the HMRC case from Whyte’s book The Sun reports:

David Murray’s attitude – or the spin he put on it – was that the inspector in charge of the HMRC account, Kieth McCurrach, came from a long line of Celtic supporters. That was why he was going after Rangers. But that wasn’t true.

McCurrach just thought that Rangers hadn’t followed the rules, and that the EBTS were a scam. He had the bit between his teeth, as we would soon find out.

On the Ibrox fan groups he added:

Throughout the conversations to do with the offensive behaviour bill, however, my loyalty was to our fans. One piece of advice David Murray gave me was never get involved with the supporters’ groups. He thought they were a bunch of p*****.

It was one of the first things he said to me. I couldn’t see the harm in keeping them onside, so that was what I did. I spoke to them and they were all very keen for many of the traditional songs to be brought back. The ‘Billy Boys’ in particular, even though it had been banned by Uefa, they were desperate to sing again.

Whyte paid one pound for the club in May 2011, in June 2012 they were put into liquidation.

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