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Mystery over whether Hummel have ripped the shirt off King’s back

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A report in mid-afternoon suggests that the delicate finances at may be about to be tipped over the edge.

Earlier this week a desperate statement from Commercial Director appealed for a new kit deal confirming that the three year contract with and Elite hadn’t reached its final season.

Recently it was revealed that /Elite had withheld almost £3m from sales with yet another round of litigation going the way of the club’s legal representatives.

This afternoon things took another twist with Celtic Quick News reporting on a statement from claiming ‘It is with regret that we have therefore rescinded our agreement with FC with immediate effect, due to the club being in material breach of contract.

The statement confirmed that /Elite would be taking action against the club.

At the bottom of the article Paul 67 claimed that he had been sitting on the Hummel statement since 10am.

It’s not unusual for mainstream outlets to ignore bad news from but there is no evidence of Hummel issuing any statement.

While a football club has to keep in the loop there is no onus on Hummel to make any detailed explanation on one of their many contracts.

Since publication no one other than CQN has been able to come up with a source for the statement- either Paul67 has got an incredible scoop or he’s been stitched up like Sports by a highly dubious translation service.

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