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Classic Dave Murray video emerges as he makes brilliant money promise

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Popular Twitter account Tam sellicks son III has come up with a classic video clip of Dave Murray in full flow.

Throughout the nineties the thoughts of Murray were treated as Gospel as a succession of trophies arrived at Ibrox although he never masterminded a Double Treble never mind a Treble triumph.

The disgraced businessman was the poster-boy for Thatcherism in Scotland with the success of Rangers mirroring the success of the Murray group.

People have to realise that you can’t spend money Willy-Nilly. Classic Dave Murray video emerges as he makes money promise

A couple of times a year Murray would go public and share the secrets of his success with the media while discreetly keeping them briefed about his futuristic plans for the club ranging from signing Ronaldo to installing a hover pitch with 150,000 capacity next to the Super Casino.

The clip above with Chic Young provides a snippet of the thinking that finally led to the sale of the distressed club for £1 in May 2011. Murray never invested a penny of his own money into the club while rewarding his companies with contracts and extracting over £6m through so-called EBTs which the Supreme Court ruled as a disguised remuneration scheme in July 2017.

While the world marvelled at Murray’s perceived business skills the reality was that an unlimited overdraft from his friends at the Bank of Scotland and tax scams funded his success at Ibrox.

Reflecting on his sale of the club for £1 in 2011 Murray claimed that he was duped by Craig Whyte.

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