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Daily Record attacks new Ibrox media chief over shocking reference to Celtic Park

Image for Daily Record attacks new Ibrox media chief over shocking reference to Celtic Park

Incoming Ibrox Communications and Media chief David Graham refereed to Celtic Park as ‘the piggery’ in a 2011 Facebook post.

Earlier this week it was announced that the sitting DUP councillor and Orange Order member would be taking on the post currently filled by James Traynor.

Fronting up the club’s ‘Everyone, Anyone’ programme with that baggage seemed to require some incredible gymnastics regardless of Graham’s lack of past experience for the job.

Five years working in the Scottish media or PR would seem to be the most basic requirement with Graham working as a school-teacher before switching to a full-time support job within the DUP.

Videos of an almost comical speech by Graham extolling the traditions of ‘Rangers’ quickly appeared on social media with the Daily Record digging even further back.

The latest controversy surrounds a post from 2011, which refers to a YouTube video about the Rangers debut of former star Mark Walters.

The post, on Graham’s “Meharg Davy” Facebook page, stated: “Nothing changes at the piggery.”

Celtic FC is understood to regard the word as grossly offensive.

While there is some media outrage at Graham the real issue is with those that decided that he was the best man for the job.

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Someone in HR at Ibrox would have played a lead role, such a senior appointment would also have involved Managing Director Stewart Robertson and South African based chairman Dave King.

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