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Pettiness- SPFL boss hits out at the ‘Null and Void’ lobby

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Mark Wilson has accused the ‘Null and Void’ lobby of pettiness.

The former Celtic defender is now in charge of Brechin City who sit detached at the bottom of League Two, looking certain to lose their SPFL status.

Null and Void would allow them to start next season with a fresh slate but the bigger picture is that such a move would leave every club wide open to legal action from broadcasters, sponsors and supporters.

Celtic’s 13-point lead at the top of the table makes the issue of winning the title fairly cut and dried but in every division relegation issues are still very much live.

After a few pundits floated the idea one un-named SPFL Premiership club told PA Sport that that was their preferred option but Wilson doesn’t see how that stand up to scrutiny.

Covering a Q and A with the Brechin boss The Sun reports:

2) At least one top-flight club is calling for the season to be declared null and void. That option would have severe legal and financial ramifications though. Season-ticket money, sponsorship cash and multi-million pound TV deals would all come under threat. Considering all this, do you believe this should be an option?

I think that’s the least likely option for all the reasons you said. We’re not ten games into a season where you can say, ‘let’s scrap this’. We’ve played a considerable part, we’ve got a small period of the season left and to null and void it, I think would be a ridiculous call. Any league needs the money that TV promises each year. They need the money of fans and season ticket holders. If you were to go down that road and start refunding and be dragged through legal action, I think that’s the option that causes the most problems. I understand where this is coming from.

This will be the pettiness of a title challenge at the top… ‘oh it’s not done until it’s done’. I think there’s a much bigger picture to this than one league title or eight games to go. I think people need to realise that decision to null and void could have serious implications for Scottish football going forward. I think there’s a lot more simpler solutions to null and void the league.

On Tuesday UEFA announced their desire to see domestic campaigns completed by June 30 but there are no guarantees that league football will be resumed by that date never mind completed.

This morning SPFL Premiership clubs hosted a conference call to discuss the current crisis but it is unlikely that any decisive action will be announced.

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