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‘Starting to feel very 2012’ Daily Mail reporter makes ominous tweet

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Stephen McGowan posted a not so cryptic reference to 2012 shortly after Dave King issued his statement to the Press Association that he was resigning as Ibrox chairman.

Friday night statements usually signal bad news with last night’s 8pm alarm call making a major impact with online news sources and creating an issue for newspaper publishers who had their Saturday pages already lined up and ready to roll.

2012 was a year of incredible news in Scottish football, the old bearing points were changed forever. Administration and liquidation became common-place as the chief executives of the Scottish game raced around screaming Armageddon and Social Unrest as their worst nightmares unfolded.

Craig Whyte drifted away, a big handed businessman from Yorkshire produced endless news stories while some tried to pretend that nothing had actually happened.

For around 100 years Scottish football and media attention centred on the ‘Old Firm’ every story from one side had a reaction from the other. Results, players and managers were constantly compared then one of the runners in the two-horse race was put out of its misery.

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There are clearly far greater priorities across the country at this moment but there is certainly a feeling of 2012 around at Ibrox as reality begins to cut straight through the spin and myths.

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