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Sutton in the dark but there could be an Edouard silver lining for Celtic

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Chris Sutton has admitted that football and the transfer market could be in a state of upheaval for the remainder of this year- at least.

The suspension of football has come as a complete shock with every aspect of the game thrown up in the air from title races and broadcast deals through to contracts, transfers and possible refunds to season ticket holders.

For the third weekend running stadiums will be empty with fans confined to their homes scouring for information on when they might be allowed out again and able to watch their favourite club in action.

The usual football fare seems trivial in comparison but in the Daily Record Sutton speculates:

Let’s face it, there isn’t a scientist in the world who can predict accurately whether or not we’ll actually be playing football before we get to 2021.

You can’t rule out that no football will be played again in this calendar year. How can you? You can’t say anything for sure at the moment.

And that’s the thing. On one hand the potential extension to the transfer window does initially seem as though it is going to keep exit doors open to players for a lot longer than we might have expected.

Yet the other side of the coin is there is a very good chance of utter chaos and confusion clouding the transfer market and making it a whole lot easier just to sit tight for a spell and wait for the summer of 2021.

Which, in the case of Edouard, would spell some encouraging news for Celtic fans hoping he hangs around to try to make history when the time eventually comes.

In future, issues over transfers and contracts won’t seem quite so important as fans recall months without football as a far, far more important issue took over the headlines and dominated their lives.

Every day brings fresh speculation and rumours about resumption dates and whether the season will be resumed or the current positions declared as final.

No one has any idea what the next moves will be, until the pandemic is under some degree of control everything else is simply speculation.

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