Date: 26th March 2020 at 11:25am
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Billy Dodds has urged Steven Gerrard to ditch Alfredo Morelos if he wants to bring a trophy to Ibrox.

The Columbian striker is about to complete his third season in Scotland with just a League Cup runners-up medal to show for his time at Ibrox.

Since Gerrard took over as manager Morelos has picked up seven red cards in 18 months and has just one goal to his name in 2020.

As well as his red cards the striker has also been suspended by UEFA and his club this year with not a single bid received during the January transfer window.

Gerrard and Dave King have previously dismissed selling Morelos at any cost but as another trophyless season hits home Dodds believes that it is time to ditch the club’s top scorer.

The former Scotland striker told the Glasgow Times:

I think Rangers have to make a definite decision with Alfredo Morelos once they get this season over with. If you are going to try and catch Celtic and that is your ambition, Morelos is a key player but there are certain games where he gets suspended and they can cost you.

People might disagree and say ‘he scores all those goals’, but look at Edouard, you don’t see him getting suspended. It is still continuous with Morelos and that is the biggest problem. He either gets suspended then he doesn’t turn up. That is costing you the title I don’t care what he’s doing in between because these games that Rangers need him most he is not there.

It has cost them the Scottish Cup as well, because he didn’t come back in time for that one. If that keeps on getting thrown in continually as it has been with Morelos, then Rangers are not going to catch Celtic. Another thing that I’ve not chucked in he’s totally lost his form – since that Celtic game that he dived and was suspended he’s totally lost it.

Steven Gerrard might totally disagree with me but that is where I’m at with Alfredo Morelos especially. I’m sorry but you have to be thinking you have to cut all ties because they are never going to catch Celtic if they keep players like him.

If Gerrard gambles he might think I’m not going to get anyone with Alfredo Morelos’ quality anywhere else. But I’m sorry if he continues not to turn up, and it is a big if, there’s no chance of catching Celtic.

Dodds view is certainly a change in direction with most pundits keen to talk up the value and contribution of anyone that strings together a handful of decent performances at Ibrox.

Glenn Kamara and Borna Barisic have both been linked with transfers to Italy but like the Morelos rumours not a single offer was made.