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Why FIFA’s leaked document doesn’t stand a chance of going through

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A so-called leaked document from FIFA to extend player contracts has no chance of getting the go-ahead.

The suspension of football has created unprecedented problems for the authorities with issues involving fixtures, broadcast and sponsor deals, season tickets and player contracts to deal with.

In June clubs will be able to get surplus players off their books while others will be looking forward to moving on and picking up a massive signing on fee rather than see their club pick up a transfer fee.

Over-riding all of the above is Employment Law. Every country has different laws with the unique nature of football contracts ensuring that players have special rights. In no other industries is there a transfer system to break for compensation what is essentially a contract of employment.

The Daily Record reports:

Now though Reuters has seen a leaked FIFA document that recommends current contracts for players and coaches should be extended until the end of the delayed domestic soccer seasons.

The confidential document also recommends allowing transfer windows to be changed in accordance with new season dates and urges clubs and players to work together to find solutions to salary payments during stoppages.

The case at Hearts indicates the complexities of the transfer system and contracts.

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Oliver Bozanic has had a decent season and is out of contract in June. While his club imposes a 50% pay cut, he can look forward to moving on elsewhere in the summer. The FIFA proposal would tie him to Tynecastle beyond the end of his contract on a lesser wage than he signed upto which wouldn’t stand up in any courtroom.

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