Armstrong Oko-Flex gets a singalong from Celtic Super Fan!

Image for Armstrong Oko-Flex gets a singalong from Celtic Super Fan!

A month into Lockdown and some strange sights are emerging on social media.

Faced with at least another three weeks stuck at home and three or more months without playing football Armstrong Oko Flex opened a big bag of crisps and switched on to his social media accounts.

Yesterday the young winger saw a familiar face on line, soon he was hearing an equally familiar song as Paul burst into voice!

The Lockdown and suspension of football has hit Paul as hard as anyone, missing out on at least two matches a week with the summer routine of pre-season tour and UEFA qualifiers highly unlikely to be played.

Had Celtic pushed on as they were doing an early title clincher could have opened the door to a first team debut for Oko-Flex.

Last season he twice made it onto the bench without getting on the pitch, with one more year on his contract next season will be huge for his Celtic prospects.

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