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Blind Budge hasn’t seen the evidence but backs Ibrox EGM call with Hearts players in revolt

Image for Blind Budge hasn’t seen the evidence but backs Ibrox EGM call with Hearts players in revolt

Ann Budge will support Douglas Park’s call for an SPFL EGM even though she has no idea about the alleged evidence from the ‘whistle-blower’.

The Hearts owner seems to be on in the same deflection mindset as the Ibrox operation. While Park kicks up a stink there is at least a £10m funding gap in his club making it through to the end of June.

At Tynecastle most players are refusing to have a pay cut imposed on them. The players are at Hearts for one reason- they were offered more money than elsewhere.

At the start of this season Budge was able to offer Steven Naismith a four year deal starting at £7,500 a week, wee Naisy spent most of last season injured while on loan from Norwich.

Using the same sort of rational Budge is backing the EGM call from Ibrox, telling The Sun:

I haven’t seen any of the evidence they say they have from the whistleblower but I would think they will have to put it out there fairly soon.

If this is going to go to a vote, the clubs who are voting will want to know what that evidence is so I anticipate or assume we will all be getting sight of something fairly soon.

From my perspective, an investigation still has to happen to allow us to draw a line under it. We need to identify where the issues were, if there were any, and try to make sure we don’t let it happen again.

So, I am still supporting the calls for an independent review and I don’t understand why they have done what they have done.

The SPFL board, including Ibrox MD Stewart Robertson, will host a video conference call later today to deal with the call for an EGM.

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