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Daily Record finally show their Colours- Null & Void

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The Daily Record has finally shown it’s colours by presenting their reasons for a Null & Void conclusion to the end of the 2019/20 season.

It seems that after eight successive SPL/SPFL title tributes alongside three Treble pull-outs things have gone too far at the Sports Desk of the Glasgow based publisher.

As they lead their army of readers along, the opinion piece doesn’t explain why it’s better to dismiss 30 rounds of fixtures than call a halt on eight.

There is no explanation at any stage on how UEFA will deal with Null & Void. No European football for Scottish clubs next season will be catastrophic for one club in particular. If the SPFL season is Null & Void do UEFA wipe away the co-efficient points won by Scottish clubs this season?

After a few early attempts at the N&V idea by the likes of Alex Rae that option was left aside, completely unworkable for a variety of reasons with the only factor in its favour being to Stoap Selik.

N&V isn’t an option, money is running out rapidly at Ibrox. All three domestic trophies are safely inside the Celtic board-room, they won’t be leaving any time soon regardless of the wishes of the Daily Record.

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