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No sign of Celtic apology on Herald website

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Celtic fans have urged their club to go further after publishing an apology from the Herald over the presentation of a story in Saturday’s edition.

It seems that Celtic have been given an apology but there is no mention of it on the newspaper website.

Celtic fan Kevin McKenna produced an opinion piece in which he discussed his unease at the club using the Furlough Scheme to pay a large number of non-playing staff.

There were some well raised points, probably shared by a minority of Celtic supporters but it wasn’t the opinion that caused Celtic concern.

Late this morning Celtic’s website reported:

FOLLOWING the serious misrepresentation of Celtic FC, The Herald newspaper today made the following apology to the Club.

“On our front page promotion for a column on Saturday, we stated ‘Celtic cutting non-playing staff’s money shows how far football has lost its soul’.

“We are happy to clarify that Celtic have not cut any non-playing staff’s money. All staff on the Government’s job retention scheme are having their salaries paid in full by Celtic.  We apologise to Celtic for our error.”

The apology is simply a matter of record, the employees on the Furlough scheme will have 80% of their wages met by the UK Government with Celtic paying 20% to top them up to usual levels.

Celtic fans have had a long running mistrust of traditional media and their coverage of the club.

Calls for media bans are often raised on social media but in order to keep sponsors and advertisers sweet relationships need to be maintained with traditional forms of media.

Social media however is becoming much more important with sponsors recognising that their product or message can reach much further through intelligent use of social media.

At 12.30 on Monday, almost an hour after Celtic’s statement there was no sign of an apology on the football page of The Herald’s website.

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