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SPFL chief executive warns over a Meteor about to hit

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Leeann Dempster has warned that there is a meteor about to hit Scottish football.

Since March 13 the Scottish game has been suspended with no sign when the turnstiles will start clicking again as clubs lose money month after month.

One club has more at stake than most. After having directors underwrite losses for the last four years the latest set of accounts from confirmed a £10m shortfall, assuming that the season was completed.

With no new investors coming in things are looking grim for Interim Chairman with Dempster dropping a massive warning about what is around the cormmer.

The chief executive told The Sun:

There has been so much focus on disagreements. I’ve had a bit of a ringside seat because I have been focusing on other issues but at this time, the efforts of the Scottish game should be looking at the meteor which is about to hit us.

Last summer took control of with the American businessman investing significantly in the club.

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Yesterday Dempster stood down from the 15-strong Task Force on in order to concentrate on other matters.

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