Date: 10th April 2020 at 11:22am
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The board of the SPFL have rejected the proposal from Ibrox to provide clubs with interest-free loans.

On Wednesday the board of the SPFL announced a proposal to conclude the three lower divisions based on the average points won per match.

In light of the unprecedented circumstances it seemed like a reasonable outcome; allowing clubs to collect prize money and prepare for the 2020/21 season which could be delayed until September or October.

Yesterday the club from Ibrox proposed that the 2019/20 season is delayed with the SPFL handing out interest loans free loans to member clubs based on current league positions. Later on the SFA announced that training wouldn’t be able to resume until June 10 at the earliest.

Ibrox Managing Director Stewart Robertson is a board member of the SPFL but was unable to put together a competent proposal.

Reacting to another embarrassing failure the Ibrox club made another statement, at 10.30am this morning they announced:

RANGERS have received confirmation from the SPFL board, that the SPFL’s legal adviser did not deem our Members Resolution as competent.

We prepared this update in advance of the scheduled SPFL board meeting this morning, in the full anticipation that the SPFL board would rule our proposed resolution was not competent.

As a member club, we sought assistance from the SPFL Executive on several occasions yesterday, to ensure our resolution was deemed competent. For the avoidance of doubt, no advice was forthcoming prior to the meeting starting.

Now that the SPFL have belatedly identified the reason why our members resolution was not competent, we will immediately resubmit our resolution, based upon their advice. If this advice had been forthcoming earlier, we would not have lost valuable time in this process. We are confused as to why attempts have been made to slow the progress of Rangers’ resolution.

Over the last 36 hours, we have received numerous reports from fellow Scottish clubs relating to attempts to coerce and bully them into voting for the SPFL’s own resolution. We are proud that many fellow clubs will stand strong and not be swayed.

Our resolution was simply intended to urgently address the financial hardship faced by clubs whilst allowing more time to discuss and evaluate all options for completing this season, in line with UEFA advice. This is in the interest of every football club in Scotland and the wider Scottish game.

We trust that when we resubmit our resolution, no impediments will be placed in the way of clubs voting on this matter in a swift manner.

SPFL clubs have until 5pm to vote on the proposal from the board.