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The flimsy source of Kris Ajer transfer story

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Kris Ajer is the subject of transfer speculation this morning- based on an 18 word Tweet from an Italian journalist that contains eight #hashtags!

Nicolo Shira who appears to be a Freelance does have an impressive 67,000 followers on Twitter but when you include #celtic, #arsenal, and #milan you are bound to build up a significant following.

Modern scouting ensures that clubs in all of the major leagues will be well aware of Ajer, just as they will his Celtic team-mates such as Odsonne Edouard, Ryan Christie and Callum McGregor.

Arsenal and Leicester have well established links to Celtic while playing in back-to-back wins over Lazio will have introduced Ajer to the Italian market.

Right now transfers are the last thing on club’s minds. All of their income streams are under threat- broadcasters aren’t getting the games they expect, fans are at home or social distancing while every sponsor is looking through their contracts against a backdrop of seeing their markets shrink and having to furlough or make employees redundant.

Ajer will almost certainly leave Celtic, the suggestions from his agent point towards a future elsewhere but there is likely to be a big shake out in the transfer market.

The salaries on offer in January are certain to be reigned in. A £25m transfer fee in January could be down to £10m when some sort of normality returns. The best laid plans of agents, like every other profession, will be redrawn with Leicester, Arsenal and Milan firmly on the back burner, for now.

VIDEO CELTS VERDICT A 48 hour wonder, as it was last month and probably next month as well. No transfer businss will be conducted in the next month ensuring that the story isn’t contradicted.

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