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‘A Grief Counselling Meeting’ Celtic fans slam Sportsound panel after EGM humiliation

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Yesterday Radio Scotland delayed its daily Sportsound podcast until a few hours after the vote was announced from the EGM of the SPFL. Some Celtic fans suggested it was to allow for grief counselling.

With Michael Stewart the only regular capable of independent thought Kenny MacIntyre was surrounded by the like minded as they carried out a post-mortem on the cause that they have championed since inviting Scot Gardiner into their Inverness studio to share details of his WhatsApp chats.

Stewart was notable by his absence.

From the moment that Douglas Park called for the suspensions of Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie the state broadcaster has refused to consider any alternative view. Maybe governance at Ibrox isn’t quite Gold Standard despite weekend claims of £10m of investment.

The so-called dossier didn’t contain any hard evidence, it turned into pages of innuendo and WhatsApp messaging with the call for suspensions dropped without explanation. Bullying and coercion were replaced with ‘wrong-doing’ and concerns over governance.

On the subject of governance, you won’t find Sportsound going near UEFA licencing. The lessons of 2011 haven’t been taken on board with no sign of the 31 December 2019 Interim Accounts from Ibrox.

Once they are published, once the SFA provide an update on licencing for next season’s UEFA competitions the state broadcaster will have some fresh material on governance to discuss.

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