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Brazen Head reveals it’s new look 9-in-a-row salute

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The Brazen Head has revealed it’s new look with a special salute to Celtic’s 9-in-a-row success.

Over the last few years the famous Gorbals pub has been on a ‘Forth Road Bridge’ type mission keeping upto date with the increasing successes of Celtic.

In the summer of 2017 The Invincible Treble achieved by Brendan Rodgers’ side was recognised with their location making it stand out for commuters and bus passengers on their way in and out of the city centre

When Lockdown is released passers by will be greeted with the beaming sight of Scott Brown holding the trophy over the letters that spell out FC 9 IN A ROW.

Alongside James the Fifer has been there for almost every kick of the ball since 2011, matching the achievement of when the first 9-in-a-row was won under Jock Stein.

Brown will be back again for more next season, with the memory of Lockdown casting a shadow over 9-in-a-row if the are champions again next season the Brazen will be hosting some memorable 10-in-a-row party nights

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