Date: 12th May 2020 at 4:56pm
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Scot Gardiner told a Championship Zoom call that he was working with Hearts and ‘Rangers’ to create a Null and Void outcome to the SPFL season.

The explosive revelation was made by Morton chief executive Davie McKinnon less than an hour after the SPFL clubs voted to reject a call for an independent investigation into the decision to call the season based on average points per match.

The day after the vote was rejected Gardiner appeared on Radio Scotland’s Sportsound programme revealing selected details from his WhatsApp chats. Soon after the show ended Douglas Park called for the suspensions of Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie.

Over the last month an intense campaign has been waged to destabilise the SPFL with Null and Void the desire of those wanting to deny Celtic.

Gardiner has seemed more interested in that than the welfare of his employer with the Daily Record exposing his role late last night.

Caley Thistle denied aspects of that report but that has been contradicted by McKinnon who told said:

I am happy to speak on the record. I always keep notes from every meeting and I am sitting looking at those notes as we speak.

On the Thursday, April 9 before the Good Friday vote – and I’ve got it here –  Scot Gardiner said he was working with Hearts and Rangers to put in a new resolution.

He said they would try to put that resolution in before the vote so there would be two resolutions for clubs to vote on. If not, and if the SPFL proposals were voted down, then they would try to push on with their own resolution – and that resolution was to void the season with no promotion and no relegation.

I then said that I wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention on the Zoom call that, if there’s no promotion and no relegation then there can be no league placements of any kind because the season didn’t take place.How can you pay out on placements if the league is voided and didn’t happen?

It’s also logical to conclude, if there are no placements there can be no champions as well as no promotion and no relegation.

Immediately, I also thought if there can be no placements then how can you then determine which teams have qualified for European competitions? So that was pointed out on the Thursday night. I don’t think they had thought it through.

Gardiner once worked in marketing at Ibrox, over the last four years he has held executive roles at Dundee, Hearts and now Caley Thistle.