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Ibrox chief confirms legacy issues are delaying Castore kit launch

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has admitted that ‘legacy issues’ are holding up the release of next season’s kits.

Castore Sports, a new start firm based in Liverpool have won the contract with their arrival given the full treatment with claims of £25m being pumped into the club.

Bisgrove, the Marketing and Commercial Director at Ibrox, has taken ownership of the Castore project, delivering an interview to a fan website that is full of jargon about strategic plans, building relationships, global reach and the usual soundbites.

The hype around Castore sounds very similar to the 2018 deal with

Last season ended that contract with their 18 month relationship dogged by litigation and disputes with Sports Direct. Full compensation to Mike Ashley’ firm for breaking the terms of matching rights has still to be decided but that hasn’t prevented Castore getting the sort of build up that Hummel and their iconic chevrons received.

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In terms of a time-line we are probably still a few weeks away, I think that by the time we are in early July we will have everything revealed in terms of those different strips and more information in terms of how will be able to order those as well.

We’ve been really encouraged by the reaction, by the positivity of to get their hands on the Castore product which is fantastic.

I think that, respectively we ask for a little more patience, we’re nearly there. Obviously, we’ve got to navigate as well the prior contracts before we can fully open the doors on that but we’re getting very close.

This will be Castore’ first ever strategic football partnership for their ground-breaking team sportswear using state of the art high quality materials that no-one else uses.

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