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‘Imagine the fury of a Celtic support that had been duped by its own board’ report claims fresh UEFA interest into Res 12

Image for ‘Imagine the fury of a Celtic support that had been duped by its own board’ report claims fresh UEFA interest into Res 12

A report on Etims claims that fresh life is being given to the long running issue of Resolution 12.

The issue has been well documented- and delayed- ever since a group of Celtic shareholders decided to look into evidence around the 2011/12 UEFA licence given to the old Rangers club despite having an overdue tax bill of £2.8m.

Had the SFA properly dealt with the licence Celtic would have been nominated for the Champions League qualifiers which at that time consisted of two rounds through the newly set up Champions route.

The Celtic board were presented with what appeared copper-bottomed evidence of the club being denied the opportunity to earn £20m plus but strangely seemed lukewarm at best with the matter.

Hours of work by shareholders unravelled more evidence which was backed up by witness statements during the 2017 Craig Whyte trial. Still the Celtic board showed little enthusiasm for the case as they revelled in their revived Old Firm rivalry.

Eventually in May 2018 the SFA referred the matter to their Compliance Officer. Last month, the day after Celtic were confirmed as SPFL champions the SFA announced that they would take no action on the 2011 licence. Andrew Dickson and Rod Petrie were on the licence committee.

Celtic haven’t commented on the SFA’s decision not to take action which would have been on their own officers and committee men rather than the current Ibrox club.

It seems that Peter Lawwell and Eric Reilly would prefer the issue to go away but today Etims reports:

We might not agree with the board going along with the Five Way agreement , and we might not want any form of Rangers in any form of any league, but if the board felt that it was necessary to continue the Old firm brand, then at least have the balls to come out and tell us what they did and why.

Before someone else does…and I can assure you that someone at UEFA is looking at the evidence and has passed it among his colleagues, and as a deflection from their own novel and refreshing outlook on football finance, there are whispers that they have found their fall guys over at Hampden, which may explain why the main man who is embroiled in a bitter battle with the SFA now works for UEFA as well….

Celtic need to come clean, before someone has to wash them….. in public.

Imagine the fury of a Celtic support that had been duped by its own board……

The Five Way Agreement came into force in July 2012 thanks to the dedication of Neil Doncaster working alongside the board of the SPFL. In November Peter Lawwell told Celtic shareholders that he had never viewed The Five Way Agreement and felt no need to look at it.

Perhaps an audit from UEFA might prompt the Celtic CEO into belated action, seven years on and it seems like those pesky shareholders just aren’t going to let the issue rest.

CLICK HERE to visit the Res 12 website.

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