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Martin O’Neill calls out Chick Young’s Ibrox connections

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Martin O’Neill has outed Chick Young in a light-hearted exchange during a Radio Scotland podcast.

The former Celtic boss was recalling his move to Glasgow 20 years ago with host Kenny MacIntyre when the conversation turned to the 2003 UEFA Cup Final in Seville.

Young, who attempts to pass himself off as a St Mirren fan, was part of the BBC team covering the match, earning a place trackside close to the Celtic dug-out.

On a warm night in the south of Spain the match was level at 2-2 and heading towards extra-time with O’Neill having to make full use of his substitutes.

Recalling Seville the BBC Podcast covered.

MON: You were sat down beside me, do you not remember the conversation that you had with about 10 minutes to go in the game? You said ‘Don’t tell any of my friends at Ibrox but I’d like to get on, I think that I can conjure the winner for you’.

CY: I think you turned to me for tactical advice at that point

MON: Only to prove the point, that was the time that you took your tracksuit off and we saw that green suit that you had on.

CY: You, see before this goes any further, this is the second time this week that the green suit has been mentioned, and there was one. Gordon Strachan persuaded me to buy one when he was playing for Leeds United. He had a pal who was a tailor and I bought it. I’ve obviously had it a few years now, so it was a future Celtic manager that persuaded me to buy that suit.

MON: Obviously you didn’t get on, you weren’t registered in time.

Later on (32 minutes) discussing his departure from Celtic in 2005:

MON: I’d plenty to pack, all those packages from Chick, he used to send me, which remain unopened. When I saw the address, which was an Ibrox address to it!

Kenny MacIntyre: Yeah, you saw through him very early Martin didn’t you, you saw his true colours

MON: I knew this fella didn’t support Third Lanark, I’m only joking, I’m only joking.

O’Neill spent five seasons at Celtic, winning three titles in a canter and being pipped for the other two by a point and on goal difference.

After taking over from Kenny Dalglish in June 2000 he turned around a squad that had finished 21 points behind into Treble winners.

His most memorable achievement however was taking the side led by the goals of Henrik Larsson to the 2003 UEFA Cup Final, beating Blackburn, Liverpool, Stuttgart and Celta Vigo on the way to Seville.

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