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Survey shows high uptake from Celtic fans on Season Ticket books

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With no real scientific approach, a Twitter survey suggests that between 80-90% of Celtic Season Ticket holders will renew their ticket before the 30 June deadline.

The club has been on a major push to get fans to renew even though there has been little in the way of guarantees and assurances other than Behind Closed Door matches being shown on virtual Season Tickets.

Motherwell and Kilmarnock have promised fans 19 SPFL fixtures in person meaning that any Behind Closed Doors matches will be added as a credit for the 2021/22 season.

In just over an hour 1,500 fans voted. 51% had already renewed, 27% will renew before the deadline, 13% still to decide and 9% that won’t renew.

Celtic fans have had a number of issues with the way that Season Tickets have been promoted but while many moan and grumble the lure of watching the team going for 10-in-a-row is hard to resist.

The coming year looks like being one of the most depressing ever for the UK economy but it seems from the survey results that while other luxuries such as holidays are likely to be cut getting along to the match every fortnight is something that fans won’t sacrifice.

Over the last four seasons Celtic have sold around 50,000 Season Tickets, a large number are £50 kids tickets for 17 matches with the average price of an adult ticket costing just over £500 which includes two other matches, traditionally the first European tie and a pre-season friendly.

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