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Incredible piece of Lisbon memorabilia surfaces on Social Media

Image for Incredible piece of Lisbon memorabilia surfaces on Social Media

A brilliant piece of memorabilia surfaced on early on Friday morning.

like a school trip it provided with details of his trip to in 1967, a trip that would change the face of European football. Fifty three years later the visit remains the most significant match in the history of the game in Scotland.

The matter of fact approach and detail is fantastic. If Chalmers hadn’t scored in the 85th minute the trip would have been extended by two days.

Fortunately, Stevie steered the ball past Sarti, his life would never be the same again, a milestone in Scottish history was created, the arrived that day and remain revered by the support.

The group of players that returned to on May 26 carried with them some excess baggage, a big shiny trophy.

From Glasgow (Abbotsinch) Airport they travelled back to where a full stadium and surrounding streets celebrated their achievement.

The Lisbon story constantly grows, this travel itinerary adds further light to the greatest journey ever made.

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