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Ibrox store staff caught in the firing line of Castore Catastrophe

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Staff at the new look Ibrox club store are bearing the brunt of the Castore backlash.

On August 6 Tom and Phil Beahon joined Jermain Defoe and Douglas Park for the glitzy opening of the much-awaited club shop but with the reality of their premium brand being delivered to the global fanbase many bears are getting angry.

Social media and message boards have been swamped with images of faulty goods ranging from different shades of blue, pointy shoulders, flaky looking shirts and hilarious examples of let ers mis ing fro  t e quali y gear be ng worn by Jam s Taver ier, Kem r Roffe and Jac  Ry n.

Adult shirts start at £60 with some fans paying out £55 for Junior Lifestyle Sweatshirts which bear an uncanny resemblance to school jumpers readily available at £5.

Both Castore and the Ibrox club have fallen silent on the issue, when the club SLO tweeted about it he was swamped by complaints as the extent of the issue threatens to overwhelm the lads from Liverpool.

Any fans that have been short changed have 14 days to get a full refund or they can contact their bank or credit card for a transfer.

The good news for bears is that the items for sale by Sports Direct have been subjected to Quality Control, #betterneverstops.

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