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BBC Scotland manipulate Neil Lennon quotes

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BBC Scotland is guilty of manipulating Neil Lennon’s quotes.

The state broadcaster likes to pretend that it has higher values and provides a public service but the reality is that they are as tacky as the most commercial publisher feeding myths and their preferred narratives.

With staff of limited ability unwilling to look into issues of any depth BBC Scotland revert back to the backbone of their output over the decades- Old Firm. Even when it isn’t mentioned.

At every opportunity the phrase is used as a comfort blanket. Players are almost inevitably targeted by the two Glasgow clubs, every result for one is compared to the other etc etc.

As the account above pointed out Lennon never used either term. He did say the two clubs.

How one of the Old Firm clubs is surviving without publishing any form of accounts since June 2019 would be worth investigating with the resources of BBC Scotland.

Topically they could look into how Dundalk have succeeded where Aberdeen and Motherwell failed in the Europa League- or get Neil Doncaster or Ian Maxwell to explain to thousands of season ticket holders why they can go out to drink, eat, work out in a gym, enjoy the cinema but are banned from sitting in an open air venue for two hours once a fortnight.

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