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SFA get their pay back for special backing of Douglas Ross

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The SFA are getting the first benefits of their backing for Douglas Ross with the Scottish Tory leader questioning the SNP on financial support for the national game.

It sums up the leadership of the Scottish game that by giving convenient and lucrative consecutive appointments to an extreme right-wing MP they think that they can press the Scottish Government into preferential treatment.

Rather than state their case directly with the Government they are relying on lobbying from a Westminster MP to try and force Holyrood into bailing out the Scottish game.

With the secretive duo of Ian Maxwell and Neil Doncaster leading the way there has been no plan for the future coming out of Hampden with a breakdown of expenditure and the services and jobs at risk.

Ross has been on duty at consecutive Celtic home matches, on Sunday he’ll be at Ibrox with the MP for Moray using the Daily Mail to score cheap points against the Scottish Government.

The Sun reports:

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said: “Make no mistake, this is an existential crisis for Scottish football.

“The UK Government held discussions last week with English clubs around a financial package to save grassroots facilities from closure. Scottish ministers need to do the same.

“They must listen to the clubs, to the footballing authorities, and work up practical solutions that can help in the short term. It may be that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to this.

“The needs of smaller, lower-league clubs will clearly be different from those at a higher level. But we cannot simply abandon clubs to their fate.”

Despite getting the highest profile domestic matches Ross isn’t available for European and international matches due to his limited commitments to Westminster.

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