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SPFL move back into dangerous waters

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SPFL clubs have again been meeting to try and agree a method for deciding the season if the league programme can’t be completed.

With no rules in place the SPFL suffered a Summer of Discontent as clubs squabbled before Hearts and Partick Thistle went to court to try and avoid relegation.

It seems fairly well established across Europe that average points per game is the only system to use but when that becomes valid is likely to be the issue.

Playing less than 50% of matches should see the season declared Null & Void but would it need 66%, 75% or 80% of the fixtures to be completed before prizes and prize money can be handed out?

Calling the season early is bound to result in some hard luck stories but if a rule is established then a repeat of the 2020 arguments should be avoided.

Covering developments, BBC Scotland reports:

The governing body aims to formulate a strategy for titles, promotions and relegations in the event of a virus-related curtailment. Clubs will be asked a series of questions regarding their views.

However, only if there is a consensus of similar opinion is it likely a formal ballot will take place. In late July, the SPFL board lost a vote to take control of the season should there be a repeat of the 2019/20 shutdown.

The plans for a consultation with clubs emerged after all 42 SPFL sides held a meeting on Monday morning.

Several games have already been postponed this season, with Motherwell’s last two fixtures called off on the day of the match after their opponents – Kilmarnock and St Mirren – did not have a sufficient number of players to get the matches on.

With the SPFL still to decide on how to treat the Kilmarnock v Motherwell fixture from October 3 it seems unlikely that they will come up with an option able to carry support for deciding an unfinished season.

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